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If you read the write-up in MYX...

If you came to Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan through the write-up in the July issue of (the dead-tree comics magazine) MYX, you may want to read the about Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan page.

Perhaps surprisingly, there are no real errors in the one-paragraph write-up - that's certainly a better job than I've learned to expect from the press. Presumably this is because René van Densen had a hand in writing it. What wasn't mentioned in the column, though, was that the comic has recently switched to what is essentially a re-run. I am now running material from 1994 in a re-vamped, re-jiggered form. So the paragraph is accurate when it talks of the changes in style since then, but what you see is the material the style has changed from. Also, the thumbnail image used isn't technically from Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan but from Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race which was running on the ROCR site at the time when the write-up was presumably submitted. I don't think I'll ever run Courtly Manners stories on the ROCR sites again because it only creates confusion and sticking a big "Courtly Manners" title on top of each installment doesn't cure it.

Both Courtly Manners and Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan are available on a subscription basis through Modern Tales; however, I'm often a bit sloppy about removing recent episodes from my own websites so you may be able to explore the most recently-published material a bit more. The last episode is always free though.

I have a poorly-maintained full listing of all the work by me that's published online. Recent additions include The Lives of X!Gloop, an odd work I started when I was eighteen, and The Chronicles of the Witch Queen, a long-running collaboration between myself and a Norwegian writer/artist team, which will eventually incorporate both Courtly Manners stories as free reads for everyone. I also have a gallery of stuff on DeviantArt.

Update: there were some bizarre errors in the first version of this post. Must have been the result of the day I spent cycling in the sun on Thursday. Sorry about that.


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