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Diary of a Mac man, 6

Cast picture for Atra
A couple of days ago, I tried coloring in GIMP on the iBook. I can do it, but don't think I will make a habit of it. GIMP works but the laptop screen isn't all that accurate. I could only do professional-level work on the iBook if I already had a well-established palette (and the palette was present on the iBook). It'll come in handy in a pinch, but not for regular production.
This image will be used, though. The cast page for Atra still lacks a full picture.
This weekend, I'll do some serious geeking-out on the iBook, creating (I hope) local mirrors of all my websites. That means installing Movable Type on it, and figuring out how good the bundled version of Apache actually is.

Generally, I've found that laptop ownership is affecting my work habits quite a bit. For the first time, I'm making a serious attempt at keeping my appointments and deadlines on file (in iCal), as opposed to the half-hearted attempt I made using Rainlendar on the studio PC.

When I bought my second computer in 1999, I still followed the traditional principle of considering what I needed, then buying the equipment that best suited that need. I got it wrong: I skimped on the sound card and speakers because I knew I wouldn't want to do much with sound, only to find out that over time I'd keep and play more and more music on it. After moving my operations to the studio in late 2001, that became the prevalent use of the machine, in addition to Internet use. So with computer number 3, and with the iBook, I simply bought the system I wanted and could afford, then figured out what it could do for me.

So far, it looks like the iBook will be a true personal computer: the machine I keep the files on I need to have available pretty much all the time. That means my published comics, organised in iPhoto - but not my working files; my favourite music - but not the vast MP3 library I used to keep on Computers no. 2 and 3; my calendar and hopefully my accounts, which so far I've been stubbornly doing on paper. And the local mirrors of my websites, so I can always show my stuff to people.

Organisation has always been a big problem for me, so keeping those things together on a machine I carry with me should be a big improvement. Not exactly the sort of improvement I expected, but then I learned all about that with machine no. 2.


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