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This is gonna cost me...

Behind the Sofa Again has announced the line-up for this Autumn's Stripped Down event, a communal effort to watch and review a shortlist of old Doctor Who stories in anticipation of the Christmas special and the next series. I want to take part, but I'm gonna have my work cut out getting everything that's on the "short" list:

Mon Sept 19th - Sun Sept 25th: The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Hartnell)
Mon Sept 26th - Sun Oct 2nd: The Peter Cushing Movies
Mon Oct 3rd - Sun Oct 9th: Tomb of the Cybermen (Troughton)
Mon Oct 10th - Sun Oct 16th: The Claws of Axos (Pertwee)
Mon Oct 17th - Sun Oct 23rd: The Talons of Weng-Chiang(Baker)
Mon Oct 24th - Sun  Oct 30th: The Leisure Hive(Baker)
Mon Oct 31st - Sun Nov 6th: K9 and Company (Sladen)
Mon Nov 7th - Sun Nov 13th: Earthshock (Davison)
Mon Nov 14th - Sun Nov 20th: The Five Doctors (Davison)
Mon Nov 21st - Sun Nov 27th: Revelation of the Daleks (Baker)
Mon Nov 28th - Sun Dec 4th: Ghost Light (McCoy)
Mon 5th Dec - Sun Dec 11th: The Chimes of Midnight (Big Finish Audio)

Of these, I have Revelation (which I think is shite even though many Who fans love it) in crappy digitized-from-VHS form, and that's it. I'll either have to fill up my hard drive with whatever I can find on Bittorrent, or pay through the nose to get the DVDs. Or, more likely, a combination of both.

I still have a few Who DVDs to review, by the way. I just haven't been able to motivate myself to do more reviews of anything. I'll get to it.

Update: I just looked on Amazon UK, and it turns out that most of the episodes are available on DVD. I've hyperlinked the ones I could find; all the DVDs linked here are Region 2 DVDs from Amazon UK, but a little searching from those results would reveal at least some Region 1 versions for Americans to watch. If you buy any of the DVDs mentioned above, I get a little kickback that could well contribute to me being able to afford the DVDs I just added to my own shopping bag (I didn't order all of them, yet, just the first few).


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