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Great Big Penises Not Rude Enough!

The other day I sent Joey Manley an email. The substance of it said:

"The Pantheon (www.pantheoncomic.com) would like to play on AWC, if it may. Satan says it sounds like a good idea."

To which he responded:

"Is this 'adult'? I don't see any signs that this couldn't go up on
WCN, Modern Tales, Keenspot, or any other mainstream webcomics service ... adultwebcomics.com is strictly for, to put it bluntly, porn."

A little taken aback, I replied:

"Heh, that's the first time anyone's thought Pantheon was tame!
Reinder thought it would be too rude for WCN or Moderntales because of the sexual references and penises bouncing about the place (did you get as far as this storyline? Surely Paypal would object?)
(this links to the 'Day of the Phallus' storyline)
"...But if you think it's too highbrow, I'll just bung it up on WCN :D "

Having observed Priapus' giant organ of procreation, he came back with:
"Okay, Pantheon is just BARELY dirty enough for AWC. I'll put you on the list! But you gotta make it dirtier! (grins)"

What's the world coming to when Americans aren't afraid of penises any more?


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