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On the recommendation of reader Boreger in IRC (and the recommendation service at OnlineComics.net, which seems to recommend this popular comic to everyone), I've been reading Inverloch. Perhaps surprisingly considering the sort of comic I make, I don't read a lot of comics involving typical fantasy tropes and quests these days, and the ones I do read are old, old favorites. If it has elves in, I'm usually not interested, and if it has anthropomorphics, I'm going to be aggressively disinterested unless it's brilliant.

Having said that, I found Inverloch an engaging enough read, with nice art and a solid story setup. At least, until Page 72 which pushes a Limyaael button rather hard. Specifically the "Don't make your supporting characters outrageously stupid just to keep your story going!"
It's very unlikely that the hero will be better off going on his quest without knowing whatever it is that his own mother is refusing to reveal; much more likely that not knowing the secret could get him killed, which my mom wouldn't want to happen to me.
Of course, this criticism could be premature. It could be that the author has something original and clever up her sleeve that will make the story deviate from the predictable, and stupid, patterns. Considering that the story already has quite a stereotypical fantasy feel to it, I doubt it. I'll read on, but with considerable skepticism. If I'm wrong, I will post a retraction.
Update: It picks up a lot between pages 100 and 200, then this happens. Strike 2.


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