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Curves, dammit!

Sketch for a new cover page for The Green Man's Belt.
When I looked at the old art for The Green Man's Belt, I noticed something that had bugged me before but was noticably more clear in this very old storyline than it is in my present material or even in such venerable works as The Stone of Contention: The line art lacked curves.
Considering the nature of the comic, then as now a humorous series with big-footed, big-nosed characters and a fair amount of shapely women showing cleavage, it's really astounding. I was drawing in a curvy style without using more than the faintest curves!
It's not so bad now but I still think a lot of my art could become stronger if I paid more attention to actually making curves bendy, so for this piece I am doing my best to exaggerate curves even in places where this could cause problems such as line tangents and anatomical faults. When used with discipline, it will help prevent such problems, but for now, I'm just trying to ram the importance of curves into my own thick skull.


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