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What I'll be doing for the Webcomic Telethon

My contribution to the Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon will be the closest thing I'm likely to do to a 24-hour comic; it will be a fully-scripted 16 page story but it will be an endurance test because it will be
1) good; and
2) made while also working on my other commitments, meaning I may have to work deep into the night.

The comic I'm working on is a new Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story that has been in my notebooks since December. I wasn't going to work on new material until after I was done processing the ancient comics, but that will be the "sacrifice" I'll be making for charity. I may make alternate (larger and/or colored) versions available to paying subscribers via the Chronicles of the Witch Queen site but I'll have to clear that with my co-creators there first. They have to agree to sharing the subscription money raised by the project, or else I won't be able to use that option. nothing like that at all. I've just drawn a test page and done the math, and there's no way I can draw that in a week without reneging on my other obligations. It will have to be something else. Mmmm crow. This idea was the third one that I had, and the third that turned out unworkable. So I'm getting a bit desperate for ideas that I'm able to carry out. Maybe stick figure gamer comics would work...

In addition: I am taking commissions to raise money for the telethon. If you are have a fantasy or RPG character that you want a character portrait, I will draw it. Rates: $25 for a penciled piece, $50 for an inked drawing, $75 for a colored work. You will get hi-res master files, as well as smaller versions prepared for the web at a size specified by you. Another $25 plus shipping and handling will get you the original art although I should warn you I'm a rather messy artist and the original may not look as good as you'd expect. See my DeviantArt site and the ROCR cast pages for examples of my character drawings.
I'm not including my Paypal link in this post because I'm not yet sure if I want to collect payments myself or direct people to the Webcomic Telethon. I'll know that in a few days. You can order drawings by emailing meSep.7 edit: use reinder.dijkhuis@gmail.com instead. If you have tried to contact me, please resend. with a good description of the character you want portrayed.
Note that in case of deadline problems I may delay creation of the portraits until after the Telethon. This is still on, if people are interested.


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