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A quick note to new readers

I see I'm getting a lot of visits from people searching for "Ray Nagin biography". I have very little to offer on that subject; in the post that causes Waffle to show up in those results, I merely linked to his bio on Wikipedia in which an oddity had just shown up.
Two things:
1) You might as well go directly to Wikipedia for this sort of thing; it's fast surpassing Google in usefulness even if there's the occasional bit of partisan graffiti in controversial or high-interest topics;
2) The prediction of a Nagin presidency showed up soon after the man's outburst at the Federal government. A cooler look at his actions will reveal that he's not all that hot. Indeed, via Patrick at Making Light, I read this post by China Mieville suggesting that Nagin has copious amounts of egg on his face. Now, if you follow American political life even as an outsider, you'll know to expect blame-shifting and mudslinging. Mieville is unusual and credible because his excoriation of Nagin is about as far removed from the expected spin as it could possibly be. Not that I believe everything Mieville has to say on the matter either - I think his interpretation of events begs a few questions. But read for yourself and make your own conclusions.

And that's all I'm going to say about New Orleans that isn't connected to the fundraising effort I'm part of. I'm still convinced that now is as good a time as any to criticise the American government – at all levels – for what went wrong in terms of disaster-preparedness and coordination, but it's not my place to do that. I'll leave that to those who have some actual knowledge to base their opinions on.


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