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New Opera portal

On the new Opera community portal, there's a post entitled Online party: You crashed the house!
Just like Opera itself does at my house, a dozen times a day.

Snark about the outrageously poor stability of the latest incarnation of the Opera browser aside (the instability on two out of the three platforms I use is bad enough to jeopardize my ability to get work done on the web, and is making my morning forum/blog trawl a big hassle as well. So I've switched to Safari on OSX and considering moving to Firefox on Windows and Linux. Only inertia is stopping me, really), the new community site is rather nice. The blogging tools are really nice with the post entry interface and the feature for adding RSS feeds to a blog's front page being especially nifty. My Opera Page is already a one-stop shop for all my blogging and webcomic stuff. And I haven't even tried the Photo album and Friends features...


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