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Those girlies, they're such teases!

Girlamatic is running "tease" posts to pre-announce the new cartoonist or cartoonists that will be added to their roster. I've already had one reader ask me if one of the people whose art was shown was me. Unfortunately (it was a very nice drawing) it wasn't. They look familiar, but I can't put my finger on any of them, yet.

Now, this could be Zander Cannon, but could also be Hope Larson. See this Drawn post showing a similar interest in feather motifs in the clothing. That's about all the similarity though.

I've seen this one before. I just know it!

The character is probably Arcana Jayne (the filename is a big giveaway). Is the art by Meaghan Quinn?

It's driving me nuts! ( Reinder Dijkhuis on September 7, 2005 6:17 PM |


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