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Pathetic but true: I wrote a Wiki piece on my own work

So the Comixpedia Webcomic Wiki has been going for almost ten days. Initially I was just going to sit it out - I was planning to wait until somebody else would put up something about Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and then put up corrections for those errors that only I was in any real position to correct. ROCR was not on the initial big list (which was mostly imported from Wikipedia), but that didn't bother me so much. After all, ROCR doesn't have the level of mass popularity where you'd expect it to be listed in a major webcomics encyclopedia immediately. If it had it in itself to get that level of mass popularity, it would have bloody well got it by 2001. No, make that 1994 - when it was a small-press comic and making its first steps on the web.

So I gave it some time. Even though the rules of the Webcomic Wiki allow it (unlike those of Wikipedia), writing an encyclopedia entry on your own work is a bit tacky, so I didn't want to do that.

But today, I saw that the list had grown to include what seemed to me like some pretty obscure webcomics (not naming names - this is not about envy). So I decided it was time I started looking after myself a little better, swallowed my pride, and wrote the entry. It's very basic - just an overview of the series' history, main cast, influences, that sort of thing. It does include something that is very important to me: the dates of the initial online publication. 1994-1996. I would really like to see that early entry into webcomics acknowledged some time. Doing it myself somehow isn't as satisfying.

Writing for that Wiki is interesting. I'll try and dig into my archives and look for some material on the very earliest webcomics, some of which are now gone and unacknowledged as well (Afterlife of Bob, anyone?)


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