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Telethon day 2, impressions so far

The Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon is in its second day. The second sponsor link showed up and the tally has grown to over $21,000. I am somewhat disappointed in the average quality of the work (I am also disappointed in the quality of my own contribution, which fell far short of what I had in mind initially, by the way). However, I believe that the fact that the producers let anyone in is a major contributing factor to the high level of donations so far. The inclusivity means people get involved and feel involved, so the event gets widely promoted and many people donate.
For the webcomic reader in a hurry, my own contribution is here. It's a bit in-jokey, referring to the events of not just one but two lost webcomics crossovers, and another one that isn't lost. Should be as comprehensible as many of the others though.


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