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Diary of a Mac Man, er... 7

Photoshop CS for OSX is one of the less benightedly awful jumbles of useless bytecode that it's been my profound lack of pleasure to be unable to avoid having to use. In fact, coloring on the iBook using CS was almost pleasant. The interface, while still damnably inconsistent, is much improved compared to PS 6 which I've been using on the previous two Gang of Four comics and is also quite easy on the eyes. The program is stable, and unlike PS 6 on the studio PC is capable of such complex operations as opening a file in good time.
I'd have enjoyed the work more if it wasn't for the Wacom tablet sucking all the joy out of it by going berserk and generating random clicks all over my images. Together with one interface fault in PS CS, the fact that the pencil cursor is all but invisible, this meant that a lot of time was wasted Undoing things, checking that all the faulty clicks had in fact been undone, and having coronaries. If it isn't one thing, it's another. Computer systems hate me and I spend more and more energy on hating them back with each passing day.

As I've said before, laptop screens are less than ideal for this kind of work although a fresh laptop screen is probably better than a CRT that is on its deathbed. I've posted the images (de-texted) on my DeviantARt site for sanity-checking. Doesn't look too bad, methinks.


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