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Me-ow, meine Damen und Herren! Me-ow!

The best coverage I've seen of the German elections comes from Mrs. T at a A Fistful of Euros. If you're at all interested in the situation there, read her dozen or so most recent posts. Mrs. T covers all bases, and pays attention to the dark horse of the race: the Left Party, who polled 8%.

It's easy to fail to pay the 'Left Party' the attention they deserve, mostly because nobody is likely to form a coalition with them. But still it should be noted: they did very well in this election. They should receive the congratulations they deserve.

Congratulations, then, wendebeschädigte East German communists: you polled surprisingly well, once you put yourselves under a West German carpetbagger.

And congratulations, Oskar Lafontaine. Many years ago you were the only major German political leader willing to speak the truth about the cost of unification. What a way you've come since then, finishing your career by becoming the first West German head of the SED.

That's gotta hurt. Oskar Lafontaine is like the Ralph Nader of the 2005 German elections, only seedier: his split from the SPD is almost entirely ego-driven, and instead of with a bunch of ineffectual Greens (the German Greens were already in government with the SPD) he got himself in bed with the inheritors of the East German Parteiapparat.
Read the rest, I tells ya.


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