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Cover art in progress, continued

Man, this cover art is giving me trouble:

the chop, again
Second version of the planned cover art for the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story "The Green Knight's Belt". I'm not sure this one is better overall... there was so much space wasted in the drawing that I had to crop it severely, to the point where it's no longer even a horizontal drawing as it was intended to be.

Looking at the thumbnails, it does look like this version has a stronger, more involving composition. But again, the background is giving it problems... I know I ought to reduce the brightness of the bit seen through the door on the left, but I just can't imagine it would be worth the trouble. Back to the drawing board, again...

edited version
Toning down the colors on the left makes a bit of a difference: it allows me to crop wider on the right, resulting in a horizontal image. Which, however, still sucks.


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