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Buh, bye, Webstats4u

Webstats4u, the company that used to be known as Nedstat Basic and which has been providing basic user statistics for many Reinder Dijkhuis websites, has confirmed that it is using its Javascript to put pop-up and slide-under ads on the websites of their users. Their message tries to justify this by bringing up the cost of the service, but cost is irrelevant. I can just about accept the occasional pop-up slipping through Keenspace/ComicGenesis's net because they provide a vital hosting service and are generally very good about blocking pop-ups when they're spotted. For a counting service, "Free plus intractable pop-ups" is not the right price. Not knowing how many people visit my sites will be a bit of a drag, but there are alternative services out there. The Webstats4u counters will be removed at the earliest opportunity.


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