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The most awesome public intellectuals ever

Remember this? I went back to the post at Crooked Timber to make my final offer consisting of all of Ray Kurzweil's predictions, two ponies and the confident prediction that I'd be an even more awesome thinker in the future than I am now. What I should have tossed in the mix was the prediction that Fafnir and Giblets would win. In addition to predicting that the speed of thought will exceed the speed of speed, Fafnir offers:

In the Future, man will be able to predict the future so effortlessly he will know what he is going to predict before he predicts it. Most of his predictions will involve predicting the predictions he is about to predict. Occasionally he will attempt to predict if women will have sex with him; they will not.

which is game, set and match unless the Medium Lobster can come up with something better.


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