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Many years ago, I sent Geir a message including a timeline of the world of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan from the earliest time period refered to in the story (Conquest of something or other by Blodwynpiggi the Dentedheaded) to what was then the near future of that world. I have long since lost my copy of that message (Er... it may still be on my home computer if I composed it on that machine, but I'll be damned if I can find it anywhere) and in any case the timeline has become vastly more complicated since then.
A recent post on Websnark rekindled my interest in sorting out a definitive timeline for the comic. It'd be useful for a number of things - finding story opportunities, figuring out what year the story is currently set in, how long the King has been sick, how old some characters are, etc...
The software Eric Burns recommends, Bee Docs' Timeline may be as good as he says it is, and may be worth the $50. However, the terms under which the trial version is offered do not allow me to test it under real-world conditions. I accept time-limited trials (but time my downloads of such trial versions so that I can get a decent amount of actual productivity out of them before I decide whether or not to pony up) but not ones that won't allow me to do anything useful while trying. Setting up a timeline with up to ten events doesn't qualify as anything useful.
So I have to look for alternatives. Maybe there are some good Unix timeline programs out there that have been ported to Mac OSX (I very much want to keep this information on the iBook)? Maybe something I already have installed has good timeline functionality?
Or maybe someone out there has some server space I could set up a Wiki on? I don't know enough about Wikis yet to know whether they support timeline projects well, but I do know that I have readers who can figure out, based on textual evidence, what grades Ron Weasley got on his O.W.L.s and it would be great if I could harness that power somehow.
If you've got tips or can otherwise help out, please contact me through the forum or via email to reinder.dijkhuis@gmail.com. Thanks!


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