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Flu update 2

If what I've got is flu at all, it's the slowest-progressing I've ever had. Day 3 and I've just about got a bit of a dry cough going. It may be a completely unrelated thing. I'd see a doctor except the waiting room would be filled with people who really do have influenza, so if I didn't have it already I'd come back with it.
For a moment, I thought it was the ibuprofen slowing down the disease's progress. Much as I like having only mild symptoms, I don't want this to drag on, so I stopped taking it. My symptoms are still unusually mild; even my head is clear enough to work at the home computer, which I did.
My attempt at quarantaining myself (as an exercise in preparedness in case of an Avian Flu pandemic) was defeated this morning by my 84-year-old neighbour who rang my doorbell and hugged me when she found I was all right. Very sweet of her – I just hope she doesn't catch her death for her troubles.
Unless my symptoms change significantly, I'm going to spend a few hours at the studio today. I'll bring disinfectant tissues just in case.


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