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End of Contention

... and that's that, again. The Stone of Contention is done, for the second time. I hope you enjoyed the old work. From the response I got, it looks like you did; what I've been hearing from people was that they didn't mind it was old, that it was new to them.
This is good news, because I've become really keen on completing the archival series. The next storyline to be run is the very first one The Green Knight's Belt from 1991-1992. Most of that is in the bag; I've been delayed from putting the finishing touches on by my recent bout of thankfully mild flu and by work on changes to the way Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan will be presented on the Web. I've dropped a few hints here and there, some of them about as subtle as anvils, but haven't got around to writing a proper announcement/press release for the changes yet. Blame that flu. More on that over the weekend. I hope. There's quite a bit left to do yet, much more than I anticipated.


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