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Monday morning surprise

Well well well... launching my new archives and storyline on a Monday opened me up wide to another case of Monday Morning Surprise. There is nothing about webcartooning that I hate and dread more than the Monday Morning Surprise. It's invariably very unpleasant, it invariably needs fixing an hour ago and is often very hard to fix. It invariably fills me with thoughts of packing it in and moving to Tahiti to paint nude women (on nude women). This morning, I got two. The wrong episode was on the front page, and even more embarrassingly after a press release in which I mentioned freeing up the archives, the "Previous episode" from the first page was locked.
I had wisely set a later rollover time for the update (8 o'clock instead of six) but unfortunately couldn't drag myself out of bed until 9 (I'm still sick). Once spotted, the problems were fixed in less than a minute though, which is unusual and gives me hope.

The new Content Management System, WillowCMS, is, in a way, the anti-Webcomicsnation. Instead of WCN's ease of use, it gives the user complete control over everything. Unlimited templates which can, if you want, be defined down to the single installment. I like that. However, it's still in the testing stage. On the basis of this morning's experience, as well as yesterday's work setting up the complete Green Knight's Belt series, I can report that two things need improvement: Access rights inheritance doesn't appear to work or else is too complicated to use (the cause of the blocked-off installment) and the odds of human error in setting the release date are too high, especially keeping in mind the consequences. It's too easy to skip the dropdown to pick the month, and when you do, your update for November will display in the month it happened to be when you were working on it. Better to have some more bondage and discipline in the control panel there, I think.

Ah well, all right now. And that remaining premature updatulation was the last one, otherwise I definitely would have seen it by now.


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