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Stuff to do

So far, the launch of the new Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan archives has gone very well indeed. WillowCMS's built-in log analyser reported almost 7000 pageviews on Wednesday. These came from a smallish pool of unique visitors, but as most regulars still use the ROCR.net domain, that's not a big problem.

There is still a lot to do about the site. Because of the new story launch, I couldn't delay the move any more than I already had, unless I wanted to interrupt publication of the comic, which I wasn't prepared to do. That did mean that the archives went live with several things yet unfinished. I still have to add:
1. New RSS feeds;
2. "About" and other existing additional pages managed through WillowCMS
3. A Table Of Contents.
4. Switching the ROCR.net domain to point to rocr.xepher.net.
...not necessarily in that order. However, I won't be doing all these things immediately because I'm appallingly behind on my other work and have an out-of-town appointment over the weekend. Sorry.

PS: There's one more thing on the list, which is repairing the Four-Way Crossover which has been broken since first Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and then No Stereotypes moved to Modern Tales. The archiving system of Modern Tales was incompatible with the needs of the crossover. Also, Glych's original version of No Stereotypes got lost in the transition. We're now in a situation where we can fill in the gaps again, so hopefully, the crossover will start making sense again.

For a highly specialised meaning of the word "sense". But still.

That item has been on my to-do list for so long it's got mould growing on it.


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