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Onlinecomics listings for Geir and Reinder's comics

From the department of agitation, propaganda and destabilisation:

White House in Orbit, The Double and The Eye of the Underworld now have listings at Onlinecomics.net. If you are a member of onlinecomics.net and like any or all of these comics, please add them to your favorites. This doesn't just help these comics rise through the ranks and gain readers, it also helps people with similar tastes as you find comics they might like.

Onlinecomics.net listing for White House in Orbit
Onlinecomics.net listing for The Double
Onlinecomics.net listing for Eye of the Underworld

By the way, in the past few years, I've resisted adding Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan to webcomics topsite listings like Topwebcomics.com, for a number of reasons. They tend to demand a lot of screen real estate on the website, and many of the best ones have long-entrenched comics in their lists' highest reaches, making it very difficult for a comic that doesn't have mega-appeal to get that high. If you don't get that high, the lists are usually not worth the bother as promotional tools in the first place. In short, I think they're too much work for too little return. However, I do know that some readers out there like them, and see them as a good way to help a comic they like gain readership. So I'm willing to at least consider suggestions. If you know a topsite listing that might work for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, let me know.


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