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Sorry about the missing image on the homepage on the new Xepher-based website earlier today. I only discovered the problem now while working on the template for that page.
Apologies also for the use of the old contact address on that front page. That really has to be reinder.dijkhuis@gmail.com as the Despammed address has not been reliable enough to use for some time. I'll change it forthwith.

Update Sigh... Apologies also for the inaccessibility of the episodes for Monday and Tuesday. They are fixed now. Technical explanation: The access rights setting for individual comics should be inherited from the setting for the chapter they're in, but apparently isn't. Or isn't consistently. Or it is, but my understanding of how the system works is completely off the mark. Just this once I don't think it's the latter but I could be wrong.

Note that all of the above are Priority 1 problems, which means that if someone discovers them, they have the right to scream at me to drop whatever else I am doing, no matter how urgent, and deal with those problems. Email should work from now on, and if you happen to have my phone number or IM, you can try your luck with those. Please do - errors like this are annoying and make me angry, but the faster I can fix them, the better.

Non-comics-related blogging will be light for a few more days. Sooo much on my plate right now. If just reading Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan isn't enough to satisfy you, read The Eye of the Underworld as well. It's good and has 14 pages in its archive now.


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