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About those blocked-off strips?

The problem with the archive pages being blocked happened again today. Sorry about that. I can guarantee that it will happen again in the future unless the underlying problem is fixed. Technical explanation follows:
The access rights in the databease have a number of settings. Each new episode is set up to get the access rights from the chapters unless I set the episode to have different rights associated with them. I could make the problem go away by manually changing the access rights to each future episode to "public". However, that would leave the underlying problem with the rights system unsolved. It would mean that I'd have to go on setting the rights manually for ever. I don't like that, and Mithandir who programmed the Content Management system won't like it either. To allow Mithandir to see the problem, I have to leave up some future installments that (according to my tests) will show the problem. When I'm not around to change the settings manually just in time for the next page to go live, the archived version of the page will be blocked.
The weekend is the best time for us both to work on the problem. Since this week's pages weren't fixed over the weekend, I've set them all to "public" manually and we'll wait for the next weekend to see if we can track it down by then.


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