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Reinder Dijkhuis comics list

After two years, I've updated the Full list of my available online comics work. The problem, though, is that it probably isn't complete. After 8 years (not counting the first online run of ROCR which had vanished by the time I started on my bart.nl homepage again), I've lost track of which comics have been posted where. If you know of a Reinder Dijkhuis webcomic not listed here, don't hesitate to email me. You'd be surprised by my ability to forget stuff like that.
I've removed some comics from the list that have disappeared, like the autobiographical story "Herman" which will return shortly as the first non-ROCR comic to be uploaded into WillowCMS.

I have also added a new author's bio. I hate writing those things but you got to have them. I'll even get a publicity photograph there some time, to scare people away from reading that page. Yeah, that'll work.


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