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Blogrolled: That Girl Needs Therapy

For a guy who writes about music a lot, I don't have many music links on my blogroll. This is more of a historical accident than anything else; when I started blogging, I looked around for other blogs about music, and it turned out that many of the interesting ones were done by people who were desperately unhappy, clinging to music for the emotional support needed to make their lives worth living, but unable to lift themselves out of misery. I am convinced that music has that power to sustain people and even to turn lives around, but you couldnt' tell from the ones that I had taken an interest in that it was more than a refuge to them. They made for such painful reading that I had to stop following them to avoid getting sucked in. I assumed that that was what music blogging was like - just like political blogging encourages people to become shriller and more partisan over time, music blogging, I thought, kept its bloggers treading water emotionally.

That Girl Needs Therapy doesn't give off that vibe at all. I stumbled upon it repeatedly through Technorati and the last time I did it had a nice comment about my blog in a post, plus author Tatgoddess posts many interesting mp3s for her readers to sample. I will be checking out Nouvelle Vague on the basis of their cover of PIL's "This is Not a Love Song" (the original of which I initially hated until I acquired a taste for John Lydon's singing) , for example. TGNTL is now on my blogroll.

Speaking of John Lydon, he's got a nice interview in the Dutch magazine Oor, December issue, in which he mentions that he doesn't hate Pink Floyd actually, talks about how childhood meningitis affected him and comes across as a moderate, easy-going sort of guy. Who'd have thunk it?


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