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There may be explosions. Sugary, carbonated explosions.

Last Friday, I bought a can of cheap Red Bull knockoff. I put it in the studio freezer, intending to chill it for an hour or so, and promptly forgot about it. Ten minutes ago, I took it out again. It was frozen solid. I managed to pull the ring pull tab open a bit, and put it in the sink to thaw out a bit. It is now sitting in the sink, humming ominously. Will it explode in a cloud of sugary, carbonated stickyness? Or will the slight release of the tiny opening I made be enough to keep the pressure down?

I've had some experiences with accidentally frozen beer, enough to tell you that freeze-distilling it in the bottle doesn't work. The beer had lost all its taste. But things might go very differently with an aluminum can full of high-pressure carbonated water. I may have accidentally invented a deadly weapon! With extra froth! It will be my contribution to Mad Science for 2005.


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