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Another day, another permission error

Sigh... once again, there was a problem with the permissions for an archived ROCR page. I'd have sworn it was all right earlier this morning, but that must have been before the update rolled over as I was up pretty early by my own standards.

It is now fixed - the underlying problem has been fixed for a week, but there are still some updates left that have the incorrect permissions. Mithandir offered to run a script to reset those, but I declined, fearing that that would have unintended consequences elsewhere. Maybe that was a bad decision. Instead, I just correct those stragglers whenever I find them or someone tells me about them. And that is a real problem. Excuse me while I whine, beg, whimper, wheedle, get down on bended knees and otherwise act in an indignified manner below the cut:

Dear readers of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and my other comics. Please, please, please with sugar on top, for the love of fluffy kittens, baby Jesus, raindrops, roses, candy, sunshine, flowers, flower-patterned summer frocks and everything else that's nice and pleasant, contact me if something is wrong. I've asked you before, now I'm going to beg you: If you do nothing else for this comic you read regularly, if you don't donate to the fundraiser, write me encouraging messages, mention to other people that you like the comic, comment on my forum (or in those comment forms that I'm even now thinking of removing because nobody uses them anyway), or discuss my comic in a critical forum, do this one thing: email me to yell at me if something is broken. Especially if it's something like this: a problem with the permissions causing archive pages to be blocked off. As a regular reader, you know that that isn't supposed to happen because I've written about it before, repeatedly, asking you to notify me when this happens, repeatedly.

I can't force you to do this for me. I'm not entitled to have anyone do this for me. I don't expect every single reader to jump up, look for my email address and write to me when this happens. Maybe most of my current visitors are casual visitors who leave after one visit, never to return (possibly because the previous page from the last one was blocked off and what kind of manners are those?). But if not a single reader out of the several hundred who drop by every day points out that something isn't working, that to me looks like indifference. And if even my regular readership is indifferent, why do I go on posting in the first place? It's not like it's earning me pots of money, and while drawing comics is enjoyable, publishing them is a big hassle (yesterday evening I redid the future updates for the fourth time, tracking down three more instances where the main site and the mirror archive were out of synch and finding several more errors in the data entry. This is not my idea of a nice way to spend a Sunday evening). 5 1/2 years into posting this comic, all I get for my efforts is silence and a 4-hour interval before a drop-everything-and-fix-this error is pointed out to me. I'm not encouraged by this.

Let me rephrase that. The lack of response to errors and problems from readers is the factor that is the most likely to cause me to give up. More so than a lack of funds, or a lack of time or any of those other factors involved in the premature endings of webcomics. I don't have to have praise heaped on my work, especially the old work I'm serialising now, all the time, but it would mean a lot to me to occasionally get a sign that there are people around who care enough about the work I do to mention it if something is preventing that work from reaching them.

There. Now that was pathetic, wasn't it? I'm not normally like this, honest. Anyway, just email me if you have a problem using any part of the site, OK?


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