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More on the sponsored comic

The ADSL at the studio has been down all weekend. This has its downsides: if it goes on I'll have trouble watching my websites and getting materials out to the world on time, and I can't quickly look up something I need a visual reference for. But it did mean I could spend two afternoons working undistracted. I'm actually half hoping it will take the building's Internet people a little longer to get things back online. Every day that I can spend working on my latest project before the busy busy month of December is a win.
What I'm working on is the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story Headsmen, which should fit neatly inbetween The Green Knight's Belt and the as yet-un-web-published 1992 story Alchemists. I want to run that in January, 2006.
It's not guaranteed that I will, though. Headsmen is the story referred to on the Fund Drive page. After a promising start, the fund drive has unfortunately fizzled and is falling well short of its goal for November.
What will I do if the targets aren't met for two months running? The targets represent the amount by which I've been coming up short financially this year (not counting some large purchases I've made which came out of savings). To prevent coming up short next year, I'm considering getting a part-time job that will still allow me time to work on my paid cartooning contracts, but will leave less time for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. Each update of the story that I'm working on now takes me a day to do from tearing a new sheet of paper out of the block to getting the finished update online, and that time needs to come in solid blocks if I'm to get anything done. I can't work in "stolen moments" as I've heard it called lately. So even a part time job will cut deeply into my ability to keep a regular update schedule.
If the donation campaign fails, I will probably finish the Headsmen story, but I will do so in my own sweet time, interrupting the update schedule even though I have other archival stories ready to go. The work on the website itself is still unfinished and just adding more material while expecting to insert another story into another gap later will only serve to make the archives more confusing than they already are. So I'll update things in the correct order, the one that will allow me to gradually fill the existing gaps without creating new ones, or not at all.

I would of course prefer to just work on ROCR. This last weekend was a good one, with just me, iTunes and a well-developed script. But after 5 1/2 years putting the series online including 2 1/2 years at Modern Tales, there comes a time when that becomes hard to do. I don't create this comic for the money but there has to be money coming in if I'm to be able to go on creating it. So if you want that daily ROCR fix to continue, please donate! The fund drive page has some more info about goodies for larger donors.

I'd show you another page-in-progress to help convince you further that I'm working on a level of quality that's worth paying for, but, er, the pages are on the studio PC. No internetty.


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