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You bring me so much joy, and then you bring me - more joy

I had forgotten how much joy I used to get out of drawing that silly series I started nearly 15 years ago. These past days I've been on a roll. Work on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story "Headsmen" is progressing slowly, but smoothly. I'm enjoying it immensely.
Kel and Barnardus
The new story brings back an old villain from the early days of the series: Barnardus Pothelmus, the annoyingly succesful bandit who used to make off with Tamlin's gang's loot on a regular basis. He's going to have a lot of screen time together with Kel, so I drew this as a rough guide to their relative heights.

Barnardus revealed
Barnardus' first appearance in the story, with members of his gang. All of them have been slightly redesigned to make them a little more striking and to fit my current drawing style. The lady with the fan on a stick now has a name: Rose Potter, after the lead character in a particularly awful Harry Potter fanfic Adam demolished in Livejournal recently. The guy in the animal hides and the barbarian swordswoman don't have names yet, but I'm working on them. I am seriously considering writing more stories involving the rivalry between Barnardus' and Tamlin's gangs.

Second update, with backgrounds and black areas penciled in
This one shows why the work is going slowly. In addition to working on larger sheets of paper (An A3 sheet for half a page, just like in the old days), I am working more systematically, so I put in backgrounds on pages that are already partly inked and even test-spot black areas in pencil. This is a lot of work, but very satisfying when it's done.

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