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Problem with donations fixed

Eagle-eyed reader Doc spotted an anomaly with the donation button: Paypal was adding a six percent sales tax to the donations. I dimly recall setting it to do that two years ago when the Small Press Swapmeet opened up: I had the notion that I'd soon be selling print comics and original art again, which carry that rate in the Netherlands. That never happened at any reasonable scale, and in fact I'd have to go into the records to check if the rates were properly recorded at all in the first place. So once this was brought to my attention, I went into the hell that is Paypal's internal interface (the circles of which being the ones you go round and round in looking for a way to do what you want) and canceled the sales tax.

It strikes me that when you want to donate, say, $ 50 to someone, if the charge on the final donation form says $53, that would be a reason to backtrack, ask yourself what is going on and maybe bail out of the process. Trust is a rare commodity in the world of internet-based payments, and what there is of it is brittle, so any discrepancy would make a donor think twice. If you've been wanting to donate in the past month but found yourself wondering what the deal was with that extra six percent claiming to be Dutch sales tax, my apologies. From now on, your donation will be the amount that you intended to donate. And thanks to Doc for bringing this to my attention.

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