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As I am increasingly busy in the field of webdesign (this is Jeroen writing) I thougt to see what Macromedia Dreamweaver costs these days, it being one of the leading webdesign tools around. I've worked with an early version of it (3.0 if I recall) and I had quite liked it.
On the macromedia website Dreamweaver is said to cost $ 399. Not cheap, but as software goes, not ridiculously expensive I guess. I proceed to the online store. Please select country. Ok, sure, I live in the Netherlands.
Now, to my astonishment, the product, Dreamweaver 8.0, no longer costs 399 dollars, but 479 EURO's (ex vat).
I convert dollars into euro's and lo and behold, 399 dollars makes for 340.27 euro's. Isn't that odd? I'm supposed to pay 139 euro's (163 USD) extra for living in the Netherlands?
They have got to be kidding! Daylight robbery I say!


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