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Cover art

Kel surrounded by headsmen and brandishing the Belt

I have rearranged the Gallery somewhat so that the Headsmen sketches are now in one nested album. While doing that, I discovered that the URLs of existing images were changed as a result, so some older blog entries referring to the Headsmen sketches may have broken links. I'll try to clean up after myself but some items may remain broken. Next project, I'll just start out by making a new sub-album for sketches I want to show.

The sketch above is for the cover art for Headsmen. Comment in the Gallery itself if you have critical suggestions. I know that it's early days, that the sketch itself is very rough and that you haven't seen the actual story it's for, but my cover art is still very much a weak spot and I often don't see what makes a good cover, and how bad covers can improve. Right now, I like this one but who knows what I may be overlooking?
Update: Version 2.
more hooded figures


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