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I'll have to give Aquamacs a spin as soon as I'm on the iBook again. Not everyone likes emacs - a lot of linux geeks loathe it with a passion - but I do. It's flexible, full-featured and on one occasion was the thing that enabled me to rescue a botched linux install. It was the one editor that was a) definitely installed, and b) functional when the Windowing system was broken. If the incident happened again today I would use pico, but I've got good memories of emacs as a bail-out tool.

Quite a few Unixy, open-source apps that are adapted for the Mac are improved in the process - Adium is a much better program overall than Gaim for messaging, for instance. So I'm hopeful that Aquamacs will turn out to be the editor I've been looking for - I've found the easily available free OSX text editors to be a bit ornery to work with for some reason.

From the screenshots, it looks like Aquamacs looks more like a traditional OSX program, which is a good thing. But I'm happy to say it still looks excentric enough for Mac zealots who see it for the first time to go "What the fuck is this?"


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