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Shout-out to Mithandir!

Mithandir's a great guy. Not only has he told me I don't have to pay for his work on WillowCMS because it's taken him so long (it's been worth the wait, and well worth what we had agreed as payment, even with the delays), he also bought me an ad on The Webcomic List for Christmas. I'm not good at the gift-exchanging thing; I fret and worry about the gifts and generally avoid it even if it means I don't get gifts myself. This, though, was a spontaneous and unexpected gift without strings attached, simply because he thought I "needed a boost". That's more meaningful than just doing it as an obligation. So this is where I thank him for everything and invite all you reading this to check out his work (writing and colouring) on Chasing the Sunset, a humorous fantasy comic primarily aimed at young readers but fun enough for adults. It's been on my favourites list for a long time.

For the ad, Mithandir used one of the ads I'd made for Joey Manley's Open Ad Network, which has now taken a back seat to other parts of his Webcomics Nation project. He scaled it up to fit the ad space on The Webcomic List, and had the ad link not to my front page but to the beginning of The Rite of Serfdom. That way, readers got their first taste of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan with work in colour.

People sometimes ask me about colour. I like colour, I like colouring and I have some ideas of how I could make a coloured ROCR story look better than the last one. What's stopping me from colouring the next new work is time - my own and that of people who might want to colour it. If I want the next story to run on time and have good line art, I can't colour it and I can't send it to my regular volunteers on a short deadline. So it's black and white for the time being, probably through 2006. Sorry! But in the longer run, I will want to return to coloured work, and I agree with Mithandir that it's smart to give my coloured comics more exposure.


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