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Sidecomic: When We Had Tails

When We Had Tails is one of my most-reprinted comics. It was written by Geir Strøm in early 1998, drawn by me soon after that, and has been printed in fanzines from Canada to Italy and (I think) one of the former Yugoslav republics. It's been on my old website at Bart.nl for years, but I want to move all my comics off there into the new site. I've taken the opportunity to rescan and re-compress it, so you get larger images in the new version.

Rescanning the images took longer than expected, because I'm looking at the work through a new TFT monitor. The old one at the studio has finally given up the ghost and we had to rush out to replace it. This new screen should be the best our limited budget can buy, but right now, the greys are coming out a bit blue here. I've already fixed many of the hardware settings but I can't quite get rid of a blueish tint to the whole thing. We'll see in the morning. I'm glad I don't have any color work lined up until the end of the week, anyway.


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