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1980 fake Deep Purple footage found!

The Highway Star has published some rare video and audio from the ill-fated, bogus "Deep Purple" reunion from 1980. The recording quality isn't great but it's an opportunity for those of us who weren't around at the time to hear what the fuss was about.
In 1980, 4 years after Deep Purple split up, a Deep Purple tour was announced, which turned out only to involve original Deep Purple singer Rod Evans, plus four unknown musicians. Evans had sung with Deep Purple on three albums, Shades of Deep Purple, The Book of Taliesyn and Deep Purple which were only moderately succesful at the time (although they are still on catalogue and are actually rather good). They had an American hit with the Joe South song "Hush" but were going nowhere commercially. Evans and bassist Nick Simper were fired from the group and Ian Gillan and Roger Glover brought in. That line-up went on to enjoy immediate Anglo-European and Japanese success, and re-conquered the US later. They wrote and recorded "Child in Time" "Smoke on the Water" and the other material that is now considered the classic Deep Purple repertoire. Rod Evans sang in a few bands in the US, then left the music business until coming back with a Deep Purple line-up that had no creative or personal continuity with the classic material. It was booed off the stage on a daily basis, and the group were sued by Deep Purple's original management, to the point where he was forced to quit music again and lost the rights to his royalties for the first three Deep Purple albums. Few recordings exist, indeed these are the first I've ever come across.

Evans' voice was pretty good as far as I can tell. The bassist sounded and moved a bit like Roger Glover. Otherwise, it's what you'd expect - a decent cover version of "Smoke on the Water". The audio file is a full-length recording of the song.


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