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Everything new is old again

New Year's Eve, 2005 or rather, the small hours of New Year's Day, 2006. I'm at Vera's New Year's Eve party, grooving to the beats. I like the beats - the discjockey is playing popular alternative rock, punk and dance music with the occasional classic dance track tossed in. At one point, I hear something with subdued synth bass over which a rock guitar is heard, and I ask Jeroen "What's this? Sounds like New Order" only I know that it isn't New Order; it's how used to wish New Order would sound. Jeroen answers "Oh, I don't know. One of those interchangeable new bands"

I like those interchangeable new bands. So much stuff sounded like it was recorded in 1984. I felt right at home with that. I resolve to seek out a lot of those interchangeable new bands in the new year, and buy their records.


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