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New site feature: Random comic (plus bleg)

I've added a fun new feature to the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan website: a "Random Comic" button. No longer will you have to labour under the tyrannical constraints of linear narrative. For now, I've put it on the home page only, but as it's really a simple link, I can demonstrate it here as well: Jump to a random ROCR comic [Update: bad link corrected. Is my face red.].
"Random Comic" links work better on gag-a-day comics than on story-driven comics, but they're still pretty addictive time-wasters on story-driven comics that have them, and really if you want to check out a comic that you're new to, a random episode is at least as representative as any of the other choices you've got such as the previous comic or the first (both popular choices when people read mine for the first time).
The feature is driven by Oh No Robot. The transcription project has now progressed to the point where I can use the work to improve the website. At the time of writing, 440 episodes have been transcribed out of just under 1200. Once I get past the 50% mark, I'll put an Oh No Robot search box or link on the home page as well.
I could use some help with the transcriptions, by the way. I think I've gone about it the wrong way: I usually transcribe the latest comic within an hour of publication, and I've already done most of the comics at the front of the archive, so the episodes that people are most likely to visit don't have a "Transcribe this comic" button on them, so readers don't notice that I'm asking for this. If you want to help transcribe please pick some that Oh No Robot itself suggest for transcription, or start with some of the stories that I haven't done a lot of work on myself yet, such as Guðrún or The Corby Clan. Thanks, please?


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