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Review roundup-ette

I've had some nice things said about my webcomics lately. Here's an overview:

On Webcomicsnation's new "Peer Reviews" feature, Pat Jones wrote:

Enter the "hive mind" with me now....
When's the last time you've seen an alchemist's rump? Never? In The Eye of the Underworld, writing by Geir Strom and art by Reinder Dijkhuis, you'll see an alchemist's rump and much more. This completed fantasy adventure tale highlights Reinder's black and white line art and Geir's gift for comic farce. Reinder drew The Eye of the Underworld in a very different style than his solo masterwork, The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. The Eye of the Underworld is a powerful amulet, stolen by Caliph Iznobezzer from the Witch Queen. She orders the renowned alchemist Ioannis to retrieve it. Along the way, Ioannis teams up with Farah, the Caliph's beautiful daughter, who dresses like a ninja and proves to be his equal, in every way. The Eye of the Underworld makes a great introduction to the prolific universe created by the "hive mind" of Reinder Dijkhuis (Netherlands), Geir Strom (Norway), and Daniel Ostvold (Norway). Their collected works overlap and enhance one another. You can fall in love with their characters and read their adventures for days, immersed in magical fantasy.

By design, "Peer Review" articles are puff pieces, but someone has to take the trouble to write them, and Pat was very complimentary when he emailed me a draft of the review.
Over on Livejournal, Will Howitt wrote:
...I got sucked into Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan this week, and read the whole archives from start to finish. Reinder Dijkhuis has been drawing this for many years, and there must still be lots of material that's not on the web site, but it's a uniquely engaging and intriguing saga, for those who are into such things ... check it out.

And finally, Galith wrote:
One of my guilty pleasures is online comics, and I've recently discovered a new one that I think many people on my friends list would enjoy: The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.

The art style is similar to Asterix the Gaul and the writing is light hearted fantasy. Serious things do happen, and they are taken seriously when they do, but the world always seems bright, hopeful, and very multi-dimensional. Both magic and magical creatures are present in the world without being overwhelming, and all the magical sentient races seem to possess really interesting backstories and unique customs. As does the witch culture. As does Christianity.

I also really like how the comic handles nudity. It is really nice to read a comic with well-drawn nudes and near nudes (both male and female) where none if it is "fan service"; it's just the way things are. Characters spend large amounts of time not wearing clothes, and it isn't weird or sexualized, it's just the way things are. If you go to a witch sabbat and the weather is nice enough then you walk around "sky clad". If you're a fairy you don't tend to wear clothing. If you step outside of the time stream and your clothes don't go with you. If you're in a bath or getting into or out of bed you tend to be naked. It's just the way life happens.

The comic starts off a bit blah, I wasn't that moved by the first few story archs (although I did find some of them were quite funny), but the quality steadily improves as the series progressed. I found the last major story arch to be just as engaging and humorous as a Disk World Book. If you've got the time I recommend you check it out (and tell me what you think).

Which did make me think "I do have a lot of perfectly good reasons for my characters to lose my clothes, don't I?" but I know that's not what he really means, and besides, the comparisons to Asterix and Discworld are quite flattering anyway. Thanks Pat, Will, Galith!


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