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My opinion!

Because Pete is puzzled over the lack of a response from the likes of me to the Mohammed cartoons: What he said.

Whoa, Patrick Nielsen Hayden is right, this does save a lot of work. And makes for a good game of Outrage Bingo.

Update: One of these days I'm going to learn to cut and paste, or maybe to check that I've cut and pasted the money link correctly. This is like the second time in two days that I rendered a perfectly good blog post nonsensical by putting the wrong link in. What was originally the second link to Pete's post should have been, and is now, the link to this Crooked Timber post by Chris Bertram.
Crooked Timber!
Crooked Timber!
Crooked Timber!
Crooked Timber!

You'd think after two years I'd have got the hang of this blogging thing, but who am I kidding. I haven't got the hang of counting either after more than 30 years. I'm hopeless and should just club myself to death.


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