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Revamping The Corby Clan

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I'm also playing with the thought of colouring some of the stories that are already online, because I've grown rather fond of colour, and some of the stories alternate between colour and black and white, which is distracting.

Well today I was a bit sick, but not sick enough to stay at home, so I dug up some high-res scans I had lying around and started colouring some of the pages of the The Corby Clan storyline in Photoshop. Artistically, it wasn't very challenging (if it was, I wouldn't have picked a semi-sick day to do it) but it was good practice at doing simple things quickly in Photoshop. While working on them, I realised that the pages as published were also a bit on the small side, so I gave the new versions a size upgrade to a width of 550 pixels with margins. I also dug out the first couple of pages that had already been published in colour and resized them. The revamped pages aren't yet on the website - they're awaiting your judgment at my DeviantArt gallery. Please take a look and tell me what you think. If people don't hate them, I'll put the entire storyline on the website in this revised form.


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