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Bicycle repair question for readers in Groningen

Question for my readers in Groningen (I know there are quite a few):
Given that bicycle repair shop Herman van der Meulen in the Oosterhamrikkade have failed three times in a row to fix my brake permanently, that the guys at Vincent van Ellen in the Oude Ebbingestraat are a little too concerned with keeping their precious shop floor squeaky clean and that the skilled craftsmen at the Ferwerda complex of bicycle shops covering half the Steentilstraat would rather laugh at my lack of mechanical savvy than take my money for goods provided or services rendered, where should I go if I want to have my bicycle repaired? I'd prefer shops that are open on Monday morning or at other times when I might actually need them, but proven ability to fix things so that they stay fixed has a higher priority than that. Let me know.


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