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The Death Warrant has started

Alchemists has ended, and the project to bring the pre-web Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan stories online continues with The Death Warrant from 1993.
In The Death Warrant, Tamlin and his gang intercept the King's Death Warrant for their most dangerous competitor, Barnardus Pothelmus. When the courier who was carrying the documents escapes them, they are faced with a dilemma: should they deliver it themselves and risk capture, or miss the opportunity to get rid of their enemy? What they don't know is that the hanging, if it happens, will be the scene of a plot against the King.

The Death Warrant is black and white, and after 13 years, its faults are painfully clear to me. It's crudely drawn and often nonsensical. But on the other hand, it's fast-paced and joyful. There are a lot of laughs in it, with many fun characters and puns that can kill cattle at a hundred paces.

I've made some changes to the archives: Headsmen and Alchemists have been moved to the beginning of the archives where, chronologically speaking, they belong. If you've missed the final few episodes of Alchemists, they're here: Episode for Monday; Episode for Tuesday. This means that the filler story from almost a year ago has returned to the position of "last story before the current one". That thing keeps coming back like weeds!


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