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Katie Rice and Radicalstab, for the Inspiration Files

I keep having to go back to Drawn to look for their entry on Katie Rice's Funny Cute blog with its lovely caricatures of girls. I've been unhappy with my inability to draw as wide a range of female faces as I want to - the main Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan cast pretty much exhausts my repertoire in that respect. Those simple character designs should merely be the beginning; they should be surrounded by more striking-looking gals.

I also like DeviantArt user Radicalstab's drawings of girls - her characters don't have that range of caricatural portraiture, but they are cute and have confident linework, good colours and a very strong "cool factor". She has a collaborative art blog in French.

Many artists, not just male ones, have trouble drawing more than one type of women, and while I do my best, I'm definitely one of them. So I'm throwing these links out as reminders to myself and hopefully to inspire others.


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