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[Einar] Poor Jodoque....

In a shocking revelation, Reinder today provided us proof of an affair between Tamlin and Kel! We see them here, in a romantic hot tub together, with no sign of Jodoque in sight. Fans of the Tamlin/Jake, Jodoque/Kel, and Green Knight/Tamlin pairings have already begun to respond.

"What?! That's preposterous! How dare he misuse his characters so! We'll show him! We intend to be even stupider than some of those fellers in the Harry Potter Fandom! " said a Miss Andir.

"I'm alright with it, but then, the picture just supports my Tamlin/Beer pairing, doesn't it?" said Yair Roon.

"Bah! Should be Jake in there with Tamlin! But dwarves never get any love. No wonder we turn to sheep," said another, an I. Narr.

"You only like sheep because they're as woolly as you dwarves," responded Miss Andir.

The meeting then degenerated, and five fans are undergoing treatment at the Royal Gnomian Infirmary to remove the sticks from their arses.


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