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If we don't draw the line here, where do we?

Allright, allright.

So we can't rapidly naturalise soccer player Salomon Kalou until he qualifies according to the same criteria that apply to other immigrants. Kicking a ball isn't a compelling national interest even if you can add millions of Euros to the gross national product if you do it really well.

And apparently, Taïda Pasic sneaked back into the country after having returned to Kosovo with her mom, and then fibbed in her application for a temporary residence permit allowing her to finish school in the Netherlands. Or maybe she didn't - Minister Verdonk's public pronouncements on the matter have muddied the waters to the point where I for one no longer know who to believe. Well-played, Messalina. In any case, she's eighteen and pretty smart; she'll get by.

But let's not send Saba Rawi to Iran to be raped and tortured to death on the orders of Ahmadinejad and his mullahs for being gay, OK? We don't hate immigrants and refugees that much, do we?

[Via LGF Watch. NB: I would like to be pointed to Dutch mainstream media reports on this case.]
Update: RTL news and NOS at least give Verdonk's considered opinion, which is that gay people are safe in Iran as long as they don't have gay sex, do anything gay or mention that they are gay. Christians are also almost tolerated as long as they keep their religion a closely guarded secret. I also heard her quoted along similar lines on Dutch news. She insists that the two homosexual boys who were put to death in Iran last year were guilty of rape, as determined by a fair and impartial, not at all homophobic court of -

Enough of this. We know what kind of place we're sending this man back to, right? We know what the Iranian courts are worth? And Verdonk knows it too. She is trying to murder a man from her desk.

Edit by Jeroen:
Apparently Rita isn't going to impliment this policy untill it has been discussed in parliament. Which in other words, one week from an election, smells like politics. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if she's not really planning anything of the sort, but it does make her look like a tough bitch on immigration, which should get her party some votes. Let's not forget she has a habit of suggesting stupid things, like the "Dutch language only in public-law" she suggested not long ago.


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