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Viking-era women's costume

I've been working on a minor restyling for the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan characters, especially Krakatoa. What she needs for the story is a look that highlights her sexual aggressiveness. The problem with that is that so far she has mainly been shown wearing Viking-style costumes, which, while quite charming, don't exactly scream "sex" at a modern reader. So I hit my reference books to see how much variation was actually possible in that style of dress.

Well, it turns out that the more you know, the less certain you get. There aren't actually a lot of Viking-era textiles that have been preserved, so most reconstructions used today are based on matching the available evidence in the form of brooches, pins and scraps of textile sticking to them with illuminated manuscripts which may not be all that accurate.

Via the DeviantArt group Historic Costume I at least found An article on Female Viking Clothing that at least summarises what we know and gives some concrete instructions on how to assemble the costume.


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