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Viking dress redux

Krakatoa in Viking and Slavic dresses.png
Well, it took me all weekend, but I got two designs on paper for Krakatoa's dress. One of them is a Viking dress adapted for Krakatoan use by lowering the neckline and having her wear the brooches at about nipple height (they are normally at the same longitude but a higher latitude). The one on the right is Slavic in origin, but doesn't contain any elements the Norse wouldn't have been able to made, and besides, as Geir remarked in email to me, the Norse were known to travel far and wide for both business and pleasure so they could have bought or stolen costumes like this one.

There are quite a few comments to the designs on DeviantARt already, and I've provided an alternate colour scheme for the Slavic dress. It's quite clear to me now that she needs to wear red and yellow. I still favour the Viking dress with its copious amounts of bling. I've decided not to put the pictures anywhere else because keeping track of what has gone into which gallery is becoming a bit cumbersome, and keeping track of discussion about any pictures even more so. If you want to comment but don't want to register on DeviantArt for the purpose, please email.


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